Next Steps

I’ve visited for worship or another event - what’s next?

First, thanks for joining us – we were blessed to have you with us! (If you haven’t visited yet, see how to plan your visit.)

So what is your next step? Repeat! Come back and join us, just be our guest. You’re welcome to ask questions, find out more about us, get better acquainted and serve with us here and in our community.


New Member Orientation

When you’re ready to make Christ Lutheran your church home, we offer a New Member Orientation where you’ll learn about the basics of what we believe as Lutheran Christians, how we serve in our mission locally and globally, and how you can get connected. When you complete this orientation, we celebrate and welcome you as a member of our church family.

Orientations are offered about once per quarter – contact the church office at 949-631-1611 for the next session.



After orientation, you’ll enroll in the next Rooted session. Rooted is a 10-week small group experience designed to help you:

  • Connect to God – daily devotions and small group gatherings will help you know and understand God better.
  • Connect with your purpose – discover how to best use your time, talents, spiritual gifts and resources to lead a meaningful and purposeful life in service to God and community.
  • Connect in community – God created us for relationships. Rooted helps you build lifelong friendships with your church family and get connected in small groups.

Rooted is a community experience, where people practice 7 rhythms essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus. And they aren’t anything new. People are simply recommitting to rhythms of discipleship that we see the early Church practicing. And this is where life transformation begins.

  • Daily devotion
  • Prayer
  • Freedom from strongholds
  • Serve the community
  • Sacrificial generosity
  • Share your story
  • Celebration!

Rooted sessions occur several times through the year – contact the church office at 949-631-1611 for the next session.


Small Groups

Doing life together in a Biblical community provides the foundation for multiple blessings: spiritual growth, care and love for one another, and opportunities to serve our Lord and His Church. Rooted groups often continue naturally as small group, but we offer a wide variety of small groups to suit your schedule and situation. It’s critical to our lives in Christ to be in close connection with one another. Contact the church office for more information about small groups.