Global Missions

We believe that when Jesus commanded us to “make disciples of all nations”, he meant it! While we are blessed to serve hundreds of nationalities that make Southern California home, global mission opportunities provide significant blessings for those we serve as well as those who serve. As we get to serve our global neighbor’s physical needs, we get to connect people to Jesus who may have never heard His name, and encourage those who already follow Him.

Serve in Global Missions Right from Home

Papua New Guinea: Kobon Ministry

Christ Lutheran has prayerfully, financially and actively supported the Kobon Ministry since 2003. Activities include “hands-on” projects in the form of Book and Calendar Bees. We assemble Bible story books used in the Living Word Schools, along with yearly calendars used by the Kobon teachers, staff, and communities. The calendars also contain daily readings that go through the New Testament in a year. English language versions are also created to enable our congregation to read the New Testament daily just as the Kobon people do.

Next activity: Summer 2019 Book Bee


Pastor John Davies, Missionary Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, and his wife Maila have served the Kobon people in the mission field of Papua New Guinea for over 40 years. While living with and caring for the Kobon, they devised an alphabet for this previously unwritten language and began translating it into the New Testament, along with establishing a school to teach children how to read. The Kobon New Testament was joyfully received by the Kobon people in April of 2006. It became the source text for New Testament translations in the languages of the neighboring Haruai and Minimib peoples. The Minimib translation was published in 2009, the Haruai in 2010. 

That first school has now exploded into a whole system of vernacular Christian schools that number more than 30 and are still growing. The Living Word Schools are teaching more than 1000 students to read today, using God’s Word as their textbook. Recently, Adult Literacy classes have also begun.

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Liberia, West Africa: Kuwaa Mission

The Kuwaa Mission is to restore the Kuwaa chiefdom after 25 years of civil war in Liberia. Ed and Diane Stelling, longtime Christ Lutheran members, were missionaries in Liberia with Lutheran Bible Translators for several years and continue to support the Kuwaa people today. We are providing fresh clean water wells and filters to 16 villages where formerly half the children die before reaching 10 years of age. We also are providing school supplies for the children and restoring the schools and churches damaged in the war. Learn more at

Donations may be sent to: 

Bethany Lutheran Church, 1340 8th Street, Slidell, LA, 70458 c/o The Kuwaa Mission

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Mission India

One-third of the world’s people groups that have not been reached by the Gospel are in one place: India. India has missed out on the Good News of the Gospel more than anywhere else on earth. Yet, though 400 million people in India have never heard the name of Jesus, hearts are open to the Good News like never before!

Mission India comes alongside indigenous worshipping groups and missions in every corner of India, equipping them to do the work God has called them to do. So the churches they plant are theirs. Mission India provides the training, resources, and accountability to help them be self-sustaining and successful. Learn more about Mission India.

Mission India does one thing, three ways - they transform communities in India by planting churches through three proven strategies. Children’s Bible Clubs help kids (and their friends and families) discover Jesus; Adult Literacy Projects help transform the 300 million illiterate people in India to move out of poverty and hear the Gospel; and Church Planter Training enables those whom God has called to establish strong communities of faith that continue to grow and multiply.

Supporting Mission India enables those who may not have the time, resources or physical ability to be directly involved in global missions. Christ Lutheran currently supports Mission India’s efforts in Punjab, one of the provinces in India that is hardest to reach with the Gospel. You can support Mission India with your prayers firstly, and also with your financial resources.

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Short-Term Global Mission Trips


Check out photos and a report on the June 2019 trip.

Christ Lutheran teams travel annually to Honduras to bring the Gospel and the love of Jesus and basic medicines, supplies and health services to the people there undergoing significant hardship. Team members include Christ Lutheran members along with people from congregations across the country. Comprehensive training is provided for several months prior to the trip.

Next trip: June/July 2020

During the most recent trip, more than 1950 Hondurans were served in two different neighborhoods around Tegucigalpa. There are 163 new Christians in the world as a result of the Holy Spirit working through evangelism efforts. More than 300 children were served as well with songs, play time, the story of Jesus, lice treatment, hair washing and styling.

Prayer, financial support and in-kind donations make this trip possible. Monetary donations enable us to purchase medications, new prescription glasses, lice shampoo, salvation bracelets, hair pretties, labels, Spanish Bibles, basic building supplies and cement through for evangelism and house projects. Donations of home-made salvation bracelets and salvation squares to share with the kids, homemade hair ribbons, toothbrushes and toothpaste, used eye glasses, homemade baby blankets, disposable gloves, and various medical items are also received.


Christ Lutheran has been engaged in Yunnan Province, China since 2006. Since that time we have participated in a number of service projects to provide healthy and sustainable water systems desperately needed in isolated mountain villages. We also provide health education and resources to these remote villages. Project trips to Yunnan occur every other year due to the significant cost and preparation that goes into each journey.

Next trip: Spring 2020

Christ Lutheran partners with Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation to conduct these mission trips, with their expert staff providing the onsite management, handling and translation needed. We typically live with the villagers for several days as we undertake these projects, building relationships and opening doors to sharing the Good News. Extensive training is provided during the months leading up to the mission trip, including history of the region, indigenous religions, cultural awareness, fundraising and project specifics.

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